What is Soft Tennis?

Soft tennis is a kind of tennis which was developed in Japan on regular tennis. Soft tennis is similar to regular tennis with some common aspects but with also some differences. The main one being the use of much softer rubber balls. Hence the name” soft tennis” As the game uses these soft balls certain unique features have developed, such as a lighter and more flexible racket with a lower string compression. Unique techniques and game maneuvering also make the best use of the softness of the ball. You can hit the ball hard with a good and comfortable feeling and will find it easy to control the ball. With a soft ball, light racket, low string compression and reduced speed of the ball after bouncing on the court, everyone, irrespective of sex and age, can enjoy the game of soft tennis. This is summed up by our catch phrase “Soft Tennis for Anyone and Everyone”.

In a doubles match, which is more popular in soft tennis, you can see breathtaking, varied rallies and impressive net play between players. Speed, agility and perfect timing make exciting play. Paired players combination and cooperative play will assure the games popularity for both players and spectators alike. From school children to pensioners, soft tennis fits all.


Matches can be played as singles, men or women doubles and mixed doubles, as in regular tennis. Singles matches are usually played by a one set, best of seven games system (the player who has won four games wins the match). Doubles are played by a one set, best of nine system ( the pair who has won five games first wins the match).

A game is won by the player /pair that has won four points first. In the case of when a player/pair has three points each, is called “deuce” and the game is continued until either player/pair has won two points continuously, the same as regular tennis.


There are two types of competitions, individual and team competitions. Depending on the number of participants, competitions can be in the form of tournaments for teams with singles, doubles and mixed doubles matches. For smaller numbers, the round robin method is used. The competition organizer decides the draw and matches are played with the winner going on to face the winner of another match. For teams, there may be several singles players or pairs so that in the case of a tie, the team that has won the majority of the matches wins the tie. You can see these types of competitions typically in the World Soft Tennis Championships.


Soft tennis balls are soft, hollow and light. They are made of rubber and are filled with air. 6.6cm in size and 30~31 grams in weight, they bounce 70 to 80 cm when dropped from a height of 150cm. White and yellow are the official authorized colors. The ball`s air pressure can be adjusted by using a small hand pump with a blunt pin. The pin is inserted into a designated spot on the ball`s surface and one can inflate or deflate the ball.

Rackets are almost the same shape, length and material as for those of regular tennis. Differences are that soft tennis rackets need to be lighter in weight and more flexible to suit the softer and lighter balls used in the game. Rackets strings are usually the same material as regular ones except more flexible and the racket is strung at a lower compression to suit the softer ball.

Courts and nets are the same as those for regular tennis. Net height is the same 1.07meters from the court surface but there is no provision for the center strap to lower the net at the center as in regular tennis. The same height is maintained between the net posts for both singles and doubles matches.

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