Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) Processes

1. What is TUE?

An athlete may have an illness or condition that requires a particular medication.
If this medication appears on the Prohibited List (*1), the athlete may be granted
a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) which gives the athlete permission to take it.

*1: Prohibited List: The 2015 Prohibited List valid as of January 1, 2015 is as per
                attached.   F i l e

  Since the Prohibited List is reviewed every year; please click the following
  WADA’s web-site for the latest Prohibited List.
  (WADA: World Anti-Doping Agency)

2. How is the TUE process made?

The athlete is requested to receive a TUE form from his/her national soft tennis federation/association or to use the attached TUE form (*2) for the application of TUE.
The athlete’s physician fills out the TUE form in English and the athlete sends it back to his/her national soft tennis federation/association.
To the national soft tennis federation/association:
Please note that the application (the filled TUE form) must be sent to the anti-doping office of International Soft Tennis Federation so that it arrives at the anti-doping office at least 30days before taking part in an event.

by e-mail to anti-doping @        or
by fax to +81 3 6417-1664

*2:  Application Form:  Please use the attached form for the application.
                Application Form

  Once the TUE is requested, the panel of experts selected by International Soft
  Tennis Federation reviews the athlete’s request and will grant the TUE if;

   - the athlete’s health will be significantly impaired if the athlete does not
    take the substance.

   - the substance does not enhance the athlete’s performance beyond what
    brings the athlete back to normal health

   - there are no alternative treatments available.

  The anti-doping office of International Soft Tennis Federation advises through
  the athlete’s national soft tennis federation/association if the athlete can take
  the requested medication or not. In the case of a denied request, the athlete will
  be informed of the reasons. The athlete has the right to appeal to the decision.

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